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easy jobs

Are you truly desperate to get hired right on the spot? Many make the mistake of heading for the nearest retail outlet, resigned to working fast food or a store counter. The problem is, these businesses get flooded with applications and may take months to get back to you. We want to start from where you are right now, with no qualifications or experience, and get a paycheck in your pocket three weeks from now at the latest:

Online Freelancer

Provided you have skills in anything that’s done on the web, you can apply on UpWork and start bidding jobs. This isn’t a traditional paycheck, but it is definitely fast work. Skills in demand include writing, editing, translation, website maintenance, web design, graphic design, and application development, all of which may be self-taught. The lower end of this field is micro-work through sites such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, doing small-change data entry tasks that literally anyone with a phone and fingers can do.

Uber and Lyft

If you have a car, a license, and a phone, that’s all you need to become a freelance taxi driver. On the side, there are several dozen food and retail delivery service applications that function similar to Uber and Lyft, but transport cargo instead of people.

Data Entry

All you need to do here is type on a keyboard. Training is typically on-the-job. This is boring drudgery and not particularly well-paying, but it is one profession where they will practically take any warm body.

Security Guard

Have a clean legal history? Being the night watchman at an industrial lot, checking badges at a gate, or roaming around a mall are some of the typical posts. They train on-the-job for one day and will take nearly anyone. Parking lot attendants are a similar field, where you sit in a booth and collect cash or punch tickets.

Customer Service / Call Center

If you can use a phone, you’re hired. Not only can you find phone bank work in just about any major city, but many call-based jobs now allow you to work remotely through special phone software. Typically you will have a script to follow, so there’s not even much thinking involved. Call center work has a reputation for being drudgery, but it is still one field where any applicant qualifies.


Provided you have a clean legal record, you can apply to nursing and disabled homes for the elderly and handicapped. Personal caregivers can range from in-home to working at a convalescent hospital, but no formal education is required. If you’re a naturally nurturing person, this can even be rewarding, but the pay is typically low.

Garbage and Recycling Collector

An often overlooked profession, these jobs pay pretty reasonably, and some even find it interesting. If you can stand to ride on the back of a trash truck dumping cans all day or wear gloves to sort through a conveyor belt of bottles and cans, this isn’t too shabby a way to make a living.

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