How To Make Fast Money Safely Online

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Can you really make fast money online? It’s easy to do, but the catch is that you usually need to develop some kind of talent or skill.

The big secret to talent is that nobody is actually born with it. You just have to pick a field and learn everything about it you can. This is also easy to do on the Internet. In the first place, many universities and colleges offer free online courses, such as MIT and Stanford. The web holds a wealth of free information, from YouTube tutorials to Wikipedia to hobbyist forums and peer-to-peer tutoring on sites like StackExchange.

Here are some avenues to market talents you develop:


The big, major freelance marketplace on the web currently is UpWork. At no risk to you, you can start an account and bid on small projects. You might have to start bidding very low as an unproven candidate, but picking up even a couple of small jobs with a good review rating will solve that problem. Some markets always in demand:

  • Writing and editing – You don’t have to be Mark Twain in this market. There is always work for anyone willing to blog, compose articles, write ad copy, and even write short novels on a work-for-hire basis. Hundreds of new jobs are available every day on UpWork.
  • Graphic design – Anything you can draw can be turned into icons, logos, banners, illustrations, marketing materials, and more.
  • Website maintenance – The web has a never-ending demand for WordPress jockeys. Pick up a little HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP coding skills, and you’re set for life.
  • Social media management – Manage accounts for businesses and entrepreneurs on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Translation – Any second language you are fluent in will be a language in demand for translating copy.


This is the world of “beer money” level income. It’s a tiny amount at a time, but it adds up with some dedication. These can be seen as supplemental freelancing income.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – Get paid in small amounts to do things like make out surveys, Goggle a topic and post results, classify images, describe products for sales copy, and various tiny tasks.
  • Fiverr – For medium-sized work, this site lets you do small jobs like compose videos or edit audio for an average fee of $5-20.
  • TextBroker – This is one of the “content mills” you hear about. Bang out marketing ad copy and blog posts for fees ranging from $5-$50. Content mills get a bad rap among professional writers, but it’s actually not the “sweatshop” people say it is if you’re selective on which tasks to pick up.

There are many small micro-work sites out there. Many of them allow you to do simple tasks like taking surveys, test-view videos, or otherwise provide a bit of data to marketers and businesses. Some payout in virtual currency or a gift card. Research around to find better deals.

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