Make Money From Home With Amazon

money with amazon

Amazon is the company that redefined commerce in the 21st century. Having put a good chunk of brick-and-mortar retailers out of business, Amazon has also replaced many jobs in retail. However, working from home for Amazon is a nice compensation if you can make it work. There’s several ways to make Amazon your next venue:


Amazon was first known for its book retail business, after all, and they’ve held to that model while they add others. You can either be your own author or hire a freelance ghostwriter and edit their work to your suiting. The options are:

  • Amazon Advantage: For a $99 annual fee, they will take your book from electronic file to paper-printed book and sell it for you.
  • CreateSpace: The free self-publishing version. You get a royalty percentage.
  • Kindle Direct: For eBook publishing, also free. Also pays royalty percentage.

money with amazon

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

This works simply. You get paid a commission for every sale resulting from a link from your blog, YouTube channel, Twitter tweet, or other online marketing. A typical model is to run a blog reviewing books, movies, games, or any product and include affiliate links.

There’s also an Influencer Program. This is for established social media personalities on the likes of Instagram, who can get a kiosk on Amazon with affiliate links to products they recommend. You need a sizable social media following to qualify.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is a micro-work freelancing gig. Anyone can qualify just for signing up. The tasks range from pennies to a few dollars for tiny data entry tasks like writing a product description, categorizing an image, Googling for a phrase and posting the top link, answering surveys, writing a short comment, or all kinds of other oddball tasks. It’s fun if you treat it like an idle game to fill downtime, but you’ll never make much more than coffee money.

Selling Products

You can also sell your products directly through Amazon, which will provide you with an online retail outlet to the world. Except for a small list of contraband items, they will sell anything for anybody.

  • Amazon FBA – “Fulfillment By Amazon” is their main service. You ship your product to them, they sell it and deliver it for you and send you the check. As long as you have a wholesale source, you can easily mark-up goods and make a profit.
  • Amazon Handmade – Do you craft homemade jewelry, apparel, ornaments, novelties, artwork, or other trinkets? This is a worldwide arts and crafts fair to sell your creativity.
  • Merch by Amazon – Amazon can also handle some of the production in the form of a print shop. They put your design on T-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, tote bags, and other gear. Then they sell it just like any other merchandise.

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